Ville portugalissa

Ville H.S. Ranta
and Family


The year 2003 has been good to us. The main events include Virve beginning her school career, Viia reaching 10! , no drastic changes in Virpis nor my Jobs. Our pet birds have survived and we added an animal to the collection: now Virpi has the horse she has been missing for a long time.


The finalization of the house has been one of the goals and - well we are almost there. We did have an official completion exam done by the city officials, which is good, but also we still are one garage short! Currently we keep the cars outside and never seem to have enough space for  stuff that actually should be thrown away. During the Year Ville worked on the balconies and built new fences for them.


We do know that taking care of the garden is maybe the most important thing in one´s life. Despite this the garden has not this year been a major concern of ours. Maybe next year!

YEAR 2003
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To make a year long story brief we have prepared some movies and photos. A brief warning! Some of the material is "heavy". By this we mean that the data size is large and it might take a while to download... We are not keeping a log on who has looked at the materials and who hase not ;-) So feel free to stop the downloads if they seem to last too long. We do not recommend using a modem line for all the movies made... In particular Viia is getting to be quita a wizard in computers. She has 2 web sites of her own and has said this year: "TV is not an issue, I could easily survive without it. But the internet is another issue, I might not "survive" without it!". This says it all. She spends several hours per week on the web, but watches tv for a half hour, at the most / week!


Last winter we had nice weather. We had plenty of snow and therefore the activities outdoors were at their best. Most of the pictures are from a year back.


Viia won a bike riding and safety competition at school and made it to the 4 member Finnish National team! The European finals were in fall at Portugal. Naturally the proud father joined the team to Lissabon, Portugal. Viia made a short (5 minute) movie of the event. In can be downloaded, but it takes some time if Your internet connection is slow. Pictures (Sorry, no explanations!) are also available  . We also took some time off to visit Sweden.


Naturally time at the summer houses is a big thing for us during the summer vacation, some feelings are best shown in pictures... The collection is made by Viia.


The trip to Portugal was one of the major events, but also the arrival of Viipe, the horse was a big thing. We split the day so that Virpi took the kids to school and Ville came home early enough to make them dinner and take them to their activities (piano lessons, soccer practice and arts school).


Ville`s parents are doing well. Liisa is getting better and better in her painting, which seems not to be just a hobby any more! She has made several trips abroad and surely enjoys her doings. Ville`s dad Karl is  active in the Rotary club and has had the strength to help in tons of issues in all the three children`s families. So no major changes in this area of life. :-) Janne (Ville`s big brother) is fine with family and so is Sanna, Ville`s sister. From Virpi´s side everybody is fine and we are eager to attend Virpi´s great grandmothers 100th birthday on the 3rd of January!!! She is an unbelievable package at 99, still living home and sharp as a knife in her mind.

Hoping You all who have read this a pleasant and Happy Year 2004!


Ville, Virpi, Viia and Virve